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Orchid & Botanical Tours – Myanmar

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Orchid - Botanical Tour - Myanmar, 19 July - 30 July, 12 nights

From the ancient, golden covered Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Rangoon) that glitters almost as brightly as the sun to the underexplored, orchid rich, jungle-clad mountains in Shan State (eastern Myanmar), this is a memorable journey through mainland southeast Asia’s largest and most diverse country (in terms of both nature and people). Prepare to be greeted by genuinely warm, friendly locals while discovering beautiful orchid species in the wild as well as peoples’ gardens, ancient temples, timeless villages and botanical gardens. You will also get to know the culture of a few of the some 130 ethnic groups which call Myanmar home, such as the Shan, Pa’O and Intha and others. 

Part of the profits from this tour and all future Myanmar botanical tours go directly to orchid conservation in Myanmar. We can send you full information about this. 

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Special first time tour discount: 20% off for the first 5 people to book! 

Scheduled for 19 July – 30 July, 12 nights

You will see:

Thunia alba
– Vanda coerulea
– Paphiopedilum bellatulum
– P. parishii
P. charlesworthii

– Medley of Dendrobium, Coelogyne, Pholidota, various terrestrial orchids and others! 

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