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Mystical Mljet, Croatia: Introduction

Crystal clear lakes on a Mediterranean ethereal green isle, in turn surrounded by a brilliant, deep blue sea may sound like something out of a fairy tale. Yet this is the reality on forest-shrouded Mljet, an island just two to two and a half hours hours (including the ferry ride) from the famous Croatian city...
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Winter Cheer in Prozor-Rama, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Scenery in Prozor-Rama Winter Cheer in Prozor-Rama, Bosnia & Herzegovina North-west from the famous city of Mostar and its Old Bridge is a deep, narrow valley traversed by a crystal clear river. Thickly wooded mountains soar dramatically on either side as the road gently curves higher and higher. After a journey of around one hour...
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Bosnian Orchids

The Balkans – aside from Greece and Croatia – are one of the least explored regions of Europe, with few venturing into the natural wildernesses away from the coastal towns. The sparsely populated country of Bosnia and Herzegovina boasts three distinct climatic zones: a classic Mediterranean climate in the south (Herzegovina), a continental climate in...
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Discover Bosnian Cuisine

Discover a cuisine from the crossroads of East and West that is a unique fusion of Mediterranean, Ottoman/Middle Eastern and central European flavours while exploring the best of the country’s heritage Explore the best of local cuisine – whose flavours combine East and West – in both cities and the deep countryside, dining in restaurants...
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Meet Bosnia and Herzegovina

Historically on the crossroads between East and West, the twin state Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the heart of the western Balkans. Herzegovina, the southern portion (which in medieval times was a separate state), has a classic Mediterranean climate of long, hot summers and a landscape full of vineyards, herb-covered hillsides and ancient villages...
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